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How to Catch Red Fish

Fish catching is a fun filled activity. It not only makes hanging out with your friends or vacaying with your family much more enjoyable but also memorable. It might be your first time going to catch a fish right in front of your son and we are sure you want to look like a super hero for him showing what amazing and cunning ideas you have to catch a fish. Besides, we know how embarrassing it is to not make a single catch which ultimately leads to adding oil to your friends’ fun. So is there a problem?

Well, I am particularly looking forward to catch a Red Fish but I am absolutely clueless about where to find them. Of course, I don’t want to look dumb.

Well, we understand your problem. You know what? You need to keep your worries aside and get ready to experience a day of excitement where you and your fellows are going to learn a lot. You need to relax as here we will give you a complete guide about catching a Red Fish. We will tell you how to triumphantly enjoy the waters. Our simple yet effective ways will give you a smooth and winning day.


Do I need to know something about Red Fish?

Red Fish does not specify a single breed or specie of aqua kingdom. It is basically used to indicate quite a large number of fishes. We can say that it is a common name given to different types including deep sea rockfish, reef dwelling snappers and the slime heads. Red Fish is also called Red Drum and Spottail Bass.

Where am I supposed to find Red Fish?

Your fishing day might get spoiled if you don’t make it to the right place. It is easy to catch red dish once you have located it. Make sure you do a bit of research and go the place where you are sure about the population of red fish. You can find them in huge numbers along the Gulf Coast and East Coast especially during the fall season. They are usually seen swimming in shallow waters in large schools. As the temperature drops, they prefer being in grassy and rocky areas, creeks and coastal rivers in search of a warm water. Red Fish, also called red drum, are also found along the Southern marshes of Florida. From estuaries and bays to creeks and rivers you can easily find them anywhere. Still confused? Well, specify the location by looking for small fish, shrimps, mullet and crabs. That is where they reach to feed themselves. 

How do I identify a Red Fish?

The overall appearance depends on where you are fishing. Different parts of globe offer different appearances. Most of the time it is entirely pale. Other times, they are bronze or a shade of red with silvery or white on the underside. Some of them have spots on the tails while few of them are absolutely spotless. Your catch might be a heavy one up to 92 pounds or even as light as less than a pound. It solely depends on the habitats. Variations exist.

What should I use as bait?

Let’s agree on one fact that baits are the real game changer. You must come up with the best baits. Go for something cheap but attractive. Spottail bass or red fish as you call it are easily attracted to several types of live bait and also artificial shrimps, crabs, lures, and other types of artificial baits. If you could not get artificial shrimps, artificial crabs, or lures anywhere it’s okay. You can use the real ones. Other options for bait are crabs, small pieces of fish, mud minnows and mullets. Spottail bass can’t resist natural baits. As far as some artificial bait is concerned you can have plugs, lures, jigs and some mimicry baits. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Their lustrous colors, textures and light weight make them much more a rather feasible option. Bait is available in wide varieties in both natural and artificial categories. Therefore, it is better not to worry about them. But yes, never depend upon a few of them. Make sure you have a variety of them. Just in case, the red fish turns out to be moody that day.


Something important for you:

Fish catching seems to be pretty exciting and everyone is equally inquisitive to go, sit on the boat and catch a fish. However, there are certain important points which you must keep in mind. In fact, if you are not ready then give yourself some time. Prepare and then go for it.

  • Patience: You must be very patient. Your inshore fishing requires immense patience. If you are short tempered or you don’t like waiting for endless hours then first learn some patience.
  • Check for weather broadcast: With all the excitement and curiosity comes great responsibility. It is your responsibility to keep a check on the weather forecast. Don’t step into the lake or any water body if a heavy rain or storm is expected. You might not like the experience.
  • Safety first: A bleeding hand or a nauseous condition leaves you no chance to enjoy. Take a box and keep all the first aid objects in it. Bandages, ointments, tablets, painkillers, motion sickness pills, and disinfectants are a must.
  • Dress accordingly: two words: Easy and comfortable. Don’t wear something which is to fancy or too revealing. Dress according to the site and weathers. Shorts, light cargo pant or shorts, and sweatshirts or sleeveless do the work. These articles keep you light. Since, you have to focus on the fish make sure you wear something carefree.
  • Eeww-ing is not allowed: You must not make faces at the smell or even the sight of anything ugly. Everything is going to be dirty. If a sea weed wraps around your leg or arm there is no need to panic.
  • Cheap but useful baits: The most important element in fishing is quality bait. Be it artificial shrimp or an original crab you must present it the way red drum likes it. It must not be too small for them to notice and not too big for them to eat.

Done with the catch? Now let’s celebrate it!

The triumph of having a Red Fish in your hands is unexplainable. Show it off to your friends and family. Make sure you know some quick but delicious recipes (Check out https://blackhatfishing.com/blackened-redfish). Fry it, stew it, bake it or simply steam it. Whatever way you want cherish this beauty. After such hard work and patience you must enjoy the fruit.

Happy fishing!